ACTUAL Trees in the Land of the Laurels

ACTUAL Trees in the Land of the Laurels

Dear Readers,

All of my previous tree identifying attempts were a total failure. I do apologize to my 9th grade biology teacher who attempted to grace us with his knowledge of all things Pennsylvanian trees…I have failed you.

Luckily for William and I, we had a friend of a friend of ours…who is now…and actually already was…our friend too, come out to our property to help truly identify the trees on our land. As a previous Pennsylvania State Forester, he knew what he was talking about. And he was incredibly helpful in allowing William and I to become more acquainted with our future home.

To summarize, these are the most prevalent tree species on our wee bit of 2.9 something acres of land:

Chestnut Oak~ that white oak I thought was a white oak, but then thought was a red oak…but really it’s a white oak…

Witch Hazel~ more of a shrub, really…but with tons of ancient medicinal benefits!

Sassafras~ the ones with the cool variety of leaves and lots of sass! Most of the ones we found were lil’ saplings though…they don’t seem to get enough sun to grow big and strong. An indicator for our sun exposure for our house? Hmmm…you sure can learn a lot from trees…especially the sassy ones.