Who Left This Tree Laying Here?

Who Left This Tree Laying Here?

Dear Readers,

On a rainy, rather dismal and slightly chilly day in early April, fifty little sprouts found a new home on my parents’ property.

Colorado Blue Spruces and Norway Spruces pricked and prodded the fingertips of those who set them upright in the soil.

Northern White Cedars, absolutely delectable to wandering deer, were placed in dirt and behind bars for their own good.

The shrubbery of American Hazelnut and Pink Lady Winterberry dug their roots amongst trees, in the hope of aiding a variety of wildlife.

Of the fifty trees and shrubs my lovely mother bought from our county’s Conservation District, a few may have been inadvertently left strewn about the forest floor…we had many pairs of happy hands helping us plant that day. One pair of hands, in particular, was so ecstatically determined that they resolved to carry random sprouts about in their arms…not gently, mind you. At least, not ‘gentle’ in the sense that they recognized they were holding something fragile. Perhaps more ‘gentle’ in the recognition that they held something important, and in a 6-year old enthusiasm, it was something fun and grand to be a part of.

We did not take any photos of the process of planting~ we were having too much fun planting! Well, and attempting to finish before sunset.

But, if you were to have arrived on my parents’ property at just the right moment…