Brainstorm for the Too-Much-Mulch-Basin-Filtered-Greywater Conundrum

Brainstorm for the Too-Much-Mulch-Basin-Filtered-Greywater Conundrum

Dear Readers,

You see that crazy scribble scrabble in that image down below?

This blog is essentially just a more neatly transcribed version of those notes. If you feel an inclination to be totally absorbed by a whirlwind brainstorm of how to handle our “too-much-mulch-basin-filtered-greywater conundrum,” then this blog is for you. I will try to make it brief. Besides putting out our ideas to the world-wide web, we more so are looking for feedback and suggestions from you! Any thoughts are more than welcome.

So, without further ado…

This is our problem…

Some of you may already be familiar with this one of many issues with The Seed. To briefly sum it up, our mulch basin will end up filtering more greywater on a daily basis (about 30 gallons) than the indoor green wall needs in a week (about 20 gallons). You can read more about the conundrum in its entirety here.

The ideas that resulted from a morning wading through vexing greywater are as follows: