Large Problems

Large Problems

Dear Readers,

The title of this blog makes me chuckle…our whole house is one large problem. And the reason we are trying to build it, is to solve environmental and social problems. We are facing a problem, so to conquer another problem. Problems, problems, problems. The funny thing about it, is that the more William and I say the word “problem” to one another, the less it sounds like an actual word, and more like something that is just there. And we need to have fun navigating it.

Ready? Try it with me: Problem. Problem. Problem. Problem. Problem. Problem. Problem. Problem.

And now that you have thoroughly realized that you have wasted your time repeating something that initially invokes large amounts of stress…and in reality, it is just a ‘problem,’ we take a deeeeeeeeepppppp breattthhhhh….

….and we move forward.

So! What are William and I’s problems? More specifically, what are the large problems we need to solve before we begin to build The Seed? Well, large problems that don’t include funding…that’s a whole other problem on its own. Problems. Ten of them, for now, to be exact.

A small footprint home?

A small footprint home? Dear Readers, A small footprint home, and therefore a more environmentally friendly home, is a result of being wholly prefabricated. With the home about entirely constructed off site, less ground disturbance is caused by heavy machinery and...