Tour of Harmony Turbines

Tour of Harmony Turbines

Dear Readers,

I would like to introduce you to a residential wind turbine manufacturer located right in Lebanon, Pennsylvania: Harmony Turbines. Christopher Moore and his wife, Cheryl, are in the research and development phase of bringing these pieces of art (and means of energy generation…) right to everyday homeowners.

The revolutionary aspect of these turbines is that they have the potential to generate electricity in both low and high wind speeds.

In the videos above, you are watching them spin in only 4-6 mph winds (with occasional gusts of 13). If you look closely in the videos, you will notice that neither of these turbines are currently hooked up to a generator. That’s because Moore could not find a generator on today’s market which enables Harmony turbines to spin this fast in only 4 to 6 mph winds. All the generators Moore has tried, only slow the turbines down. So, Moore is now developing his own generator complimentary to the turbines.

Not only are these turbines being perfected to generate electricity at low wind speeds, they are also designed to continue generating energy in high wind speeds.