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Let's play Owl Spy!!

Can you spy the Barred Owl in the tree? It has always been a subtle part of our logo, but not many notice it...especially on the t-shirts. However, on the water bottle, it is just a tad more...well...apparent 😉

This 17-ounce, double-walled stainless steel water bottle~ besides just offering a game of Owl Spy ~will keep your drink of choice hot or cold for hours. It also features an odor- and leak-proof cap. And an owl. Did I mention the owl?

I do love owls...

• High-grade stainless steel
• 17 oz (500 ml)
• Dimensions: 10.5″ × 2.85″ (27 × 7 cm)
• Vacuum flask
• Double-wall construction
• Bowling pin shape
• Odorless and leak-proof cap
• Insulated for hot and cold liquids (keeps the liquid hot or cold for 6 h)
• Patented ORCA coating for vibrant colors
• Hand-wash only (dishwasher not recommended due to vacuum seal)
• Blank product sourced from China

NOTE: While I love owls...I hate how expensive this water bottle is...and I really hate looking at a product and wondering "why so pricey?" So. Here is the break-down on why this bottle is priced the way it is:

  • Printful charges $19.95 to print our design on the bottle.
  • Printful charges $9.99 to ship a singular bottle (every additional bottle ordered is an additional $4.00 in shipping)
  • Tax is $1.67
  • If the bottle is priced at $35.00...then William and I make a $3.39 "profit" on every singular bottle sold. This "profit" does not include the 2.9% + $.30 that WooCommerce charges us on every transaction. Sooo...yeah.

Why bother even offering this water bottle if we don't really make a profit, and it costs you $35? First, we personally think it looks really, really cool. Second, it is actually a really nice water bottle...thermally insulated...well sealed. William has one and it is now his favorite water bottle~ and for those of you who know William, you'll know he is very particular to quality things. Third, if you really want it and are willing to pay the $35...then we get, like, almost $3. 🙂



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© 2020 Sustaining Tree