Welcome, to the Land of the Laurels. Part Two.

Welcome, to the Land of the Laurels. Part Two.

Our Dearest Readers,

Below you will find ‘Part Two’ to our two part series of ‘Welcome, to the Land of the Laurels.’ I will not bother to summarize Part One for you. In comparison to our other blogs, it was very, very…very short. And it would not take you long to breeze through it again. If you choose to ignore Part One and delve straight into Part Two…I don’t blame you. That’s how I read a whole book series sometimes. Oh, hey…Star Wars anyone?

Part Two:

Upon returning home from their journey to that seemingly mystical place, they immediately began writing letters. Letters upon letters upon letters….They wrote to one property owner, and then to another…asking…wondering…if they would be willing to sell a portion of their lands to such a young, naïve couple.

Alas, their noble attempts came to no avail. Disheartened, they proceeded with their search for land in other wooded parts of the County of Perry. All the while, they kept the Land of the Laurels close to their hearts.

Days went by. Then weeks. Then months.

Finally, they had hope again. They had found a wooded piece of land in the great archives of Zillow.com, and immediately began to pursue it. It was landlocked, however, and would require a counsel with the lords of the surrounding properties. The young lass and lad rode out on their other, smaller, faithful steed, Sir Subaru BRZ, to deliver a letter beseeching one of the lords access to the locked land.