Presentation to Pittsburgh Living Future Collaborative

Presentation to Pittsburgh Living Future Collaborative

Dear Readers,

William and I recently presented The Seed to an incredible group of experienced sustainable building enthusiasts, the Pittsburgh Living Future Collaborative. They were wonderfully welcoming and had some great insights and feedback on our future home. We are very thankful, and humbled, that we had the opportunity to show and tell our project!

We have decided to present to you, dear readers, our presentation for two reasons. One, it condenses our seven Living Building Challenge blogs into a 29-slide presentation as to how our home is currently attempting to meet those seven petals. Two, it gives a great visual update on our current home’s design.

So, without further ado: Welcome, to The Seed in Brief!…as of February 2021.

Our presentation goes over our home as it corelates to the Living Building Challenge’s seven petals. But before we delve into the petals, we would like to express our overall intent with The Seed.

We intend for our home to be more than just a home…we want it to be a prototype for a future endeavor.

Welcome, to the Land of the Laurels. Part Two.

Welcome, to the Land of the Laurels. Part Two.

Our Dearest Readers,

Below you will find ‘Part Two’ to our two part series of ‘Welcome, to the Land of the Laurels.’ I will not bother to summarize Part One for you. In comparison to our other blogs, it was very, very…very short. And it would not take you long to breeze through it again. If you choose to ignore Part One and delve straight into Part Two…I don’t blame you. That’s how I read a whole book series sometimes. Oh, hey…Star Wars anyone?

Part Two:

Upon returning home from their journey to that seemingly mystical place, they immediately began writing letters. Letters upon letters upon letters….They wrote to one property owner, and then to another…asking…wondering…if they would be willing to sell a portion of their lands to such a young, naïve couple.

Alas, their noble attempts came to no avail. Disheartened, they proceeded with their search for land in other wooded parts of the County of Perry. All the while, they kept the Land of the Laurels close to their hearts.

Days went by. Then weeks. Then months.

Finally, they had hope again. They had found a wooded piece of land in the great archives of, and immediately began to pursue it. It was landlocked, however, and would require a counsel with the lords of the surrounding properties. The young lass and lad rode out on their other, smaller, faithful steed, Sir Subaru BRZ, to deliver a letter beseeching one of the lords access to the locked land.

Welcome, to the Land of the Laurels. Part One.

Welcome, to the Land of the Laurels. Part One.

Our Dearest Readers,

If you need a decent (not a great, but a decent..) and happy and joyful bedtime story, we’ve got one for ya’ right here.

Actually, we not only have a bedtime story for this week, but this blog is Part One of a two part series. So, no worries! We’ve got you covered for next week, too. 

Ready? Remember, you’re the one who chose to click on this link…

Once Upon A Time…there lived a young lass and lad who lived in the County of Perry. The lass was Shelby, daughter of Lady Creative Carolyn and Lord Jerry Rigging Jeffrey. The lad was William, son of Lady Heartful Heather and Lord Bill the Builder.

The lass Shelby and lad William were happily married, and dwelled with the Lady Creative Carolyn and Lord Jerry Rigging Jeffrey as they began their life together. While living with the lass Shelby’s parents was wonderful, and they had a rather happily harmonious relationship, the young lad and lass craved for a home of their own.

They began their quest by looking through the great archives of Their attempts proved to be futile. Hence, they began to travel near and far through the winding roads of the County of Perry. They peered up mountains, and trudged by streams. They scoured the land for a piece of forest they could claim as their own. Some roads were unheard of…and never before seen. Some…proved to be incredibly treacherous.

The most treacherous one of them all, was the drive leading to Paradise. The grooves ran so deep, the lad and lass could’ve sworn that grumbling trolls were responsible for such devastation. They dared not even take their faithful steed, Sir Chevy Colorado, up such a road. The poor thing would have broken an axle. Leaving their steed safely behind, the young lad and lass trekked up the drive upon their own two feet.