Welcome, to the Land of the Laurels. Part One.

Welcome, to the Land of the Laurels. Part One.

Our Dearest Readers,

If you need a decent (not a great, but a decent..) and happy and joyful bedtime story, we’ve got one for ya’ right here.

Actually, we not only have a bedtime story for this week, but this blog is Part One of a two part series. So, no worries! We’ve got you covered for next week, too. 

Ready? Remember, you’re the one who chose to click on this link…

Once Upon A Time…there lived a young lass and lad who lived in the County of Perry. The lass was Shelby, daughter of Lady Creative Carolyn and Lord Jerry Rigging Jeffrey. The lad was William, son of Lady Heartful Heather and Lord Bill the Builder.

The lass Shelby and lad William were happily married, and dwelled with the Lady Creative Carolyn and Lord Jerry Rigging Jeffrey as they began their life together. While living with the lass Shelby’s parents was wonderful, and they had a rather happily harmonious relationship, the young lad and lass craved for a home of their own.

They began their quest by looking through the great archives of Zillow.com. Their attempts proved to be futile. Hence, they began to travel near and far through the winding roads of the County of Perry. They peered up mountains, and trudged by streams. They scoured the land for a piece of forest they could claim as their own. Some roads were unheard of…and never before seen. Some…proved to be incredibly treacherous.

The most treacherous one of them all, was the drive leading to Paradise. The grooves ran so deep, the lad and lass could’ve sworn that grumbling trolls were responsible for such devastation. They dared not even take their faithful steed, Sir Chevy Colorado, up such a road. The poor thing would have broken an axle. Leaving their steed safely behind, the young lad and lass trekked up the drive upon their own two feet.

Crazy House Drawings, II

Crazy House Drawings, II

Dear Readers,

Just in case William and I’s children are a total disgrace to the family name and are not able to levitate, I remembered the stairs in this second rendition of our floor plans. As you’ll notice, we also added four feet to the length of our home, now bringing our home to be 26’ x 40’ (previously, it was 26’ x 36’). William wanted the home to be just a tad longer so that he could attempt to incorporate the ‘golden ratio’ into the design of our home. I will go over what exactly the golden ratio is in a lil’ bit…

We also made it slightly longer because we wanted to include a bathroom into the master bedroom. When I have to pee, I have to pee…and we realized that one bathroom and an unknown number of children would be an unnecessary hardship I just don’t feel like dealing with.

As you can see in the below image, we rearranged the stacked washer and dryer to go in a nifty nook near the ‘public’ bathroom, rather than being placed at the end of a long, dark, sketchy hallway. After a consultation with my aunt, she gave us the very true, and very helpful advice, that hallways are really a waste of space. Especially long, dark, sketchy hallways which only have a washer and dryer waiting for you at the end. It sounded just too much like a Goosebumps book waiting to happen.